Affiliate Rules

~☀~ Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles Affiliate Details ~☀~

All 7 kits now have over 1000 products. There is Accessories, Footwear, Hair, Men’s items, Misc. items, Skin and Women’s items. This program is all web-based.

You can also purchase the Instant Affiliate Stores (same categories as above) You will rez a box and click build, and the store is ALL setup and ready to go. No adjusting vendors, plus there are extra gifts and specials in the kits.

This is the first program of its type in Inworldz so there may be issues along the way, but Dream Walker and I will get any issues taken care of as soon as possible.
How does it work?
Simply rez your new vendors in your store and be sure to click the Grant this request when the yellow window comes up to the right of your screen.
(Why?) When a customer buys an item, the customer pays you the full price.
Dream Walker, the creator of the vendors being used will receive 5% first after a customer makes a purchase. After Dream Walker has been paid, I will get 50% and you will receive 50% of the profits. (The 5% comes off of the affiliates portion of the sale).

Be SURE to have your offline messages go to your email so you can track your orders. You will also be able to check your Inworldz transaction history. But the email that goes to you directly will have more detail.

You can also touch the frame of a vendor and get a blue drop down list of options. Chose Sales data and you will see how many sales you’ve had from that product. You can also make the vendors smaller or larger using this same option window, just chose smaller, larger or you can go back to the original size. If there is an update to a product, you can chose update. A NEW feature to the vendors is the gift buy option. Your customers will be able to buy gifts from these new vendors. I’ve also I’ve added a dollabie and 50 Iz vendor. Just set it up in your store and I will be able to change the vendor remotely and your customers will come back to see what new thing you have to offer in your store. Great idea!
To participate in this Affiliate Program you must follow these few easy rules.

Rule 1: You MUST join the SMF Affiliate Group. The reason for this is so I can put your name as an affiliate and then send all affiliates updates on new products.

Rule 2: These Affiliate Vendors are intended for use in shops and personal use is NOT allowed. You will NOT get a personal discount for using these vendors. The sale will go to Sunny Whitfield / Dream Walker and you will pay FULL price. This is not intended for a personal discount but it is intended for you to make money!

Rule 3: You cannot setup a store where there is already a Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles store. This is a BIG NO NO! There are TWO places to check to see if there is a store on a certain sim. You can TP to the business office and on the wall is a list of names & sims. Or you can log onto

Rule 3 changed: If you have a friend or family member that wants to sell shoes, but you want to sell men’s items that is okay. Please just let me know what you are doing. But please do NOT be on the same sim selling from the same kit. That is counter productive.

Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles vendors may not be placed within a store, club or mall that already has a Sun Made Fashion/Male Styles store. Any such vendors will be immediately disabled and removed. You must be in the Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles Group to sell Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles products.
All marketing & advertising is to be done by the affiliate (you). Store posters will be provided and cannot be edited in any way. Classified advertising containing the keyword ‘Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles’ (in any form) can be used.

Any advertising using the Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles logo in magazines, websites, or blogs must first be approved in writing by Sunny Whitfield.

Please put your store in your profile and advertise in groups. It will help drive customers to your business
Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles reserves the right to terminate this agreement and disable vendors at any point and for any reason, listed above or otherwise. Sun Made Fashions/Male Styles reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions at any time.
It’s not mandatory but please join the website there will be lots of helpful hints.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please IM Sunny Whitfield or email ( and I’ll be glad to help.

I hope this affiliate kit will bring you lots of sales.

Good luck,
Sunny Whitfield

Here is some technical information from Dream Walker

Each web-based vendor is just ONE prim. Isn’t that nice?

Delivery time for most products is 30 to 90 seconds, but occasionally may take a bit longer (2 to 5 minutes), in the event of region/sim issues or lag.

At this time, “gift” option is only available in the single-item and “dollarbie” vendors, not in the multi-vendors.

These are web-based vendors, and as such are subject to the whims of the Internet and InWorldz. They will auto-update themselves occasionally, but if they encounter a problem (product not available, web issues, InWorldz region issues, etc.), they may temporarily disable themselves (and display a gray “Offline” image) to prevent failed sales to your customers. You (the Owner) can touch a disabled (“Offline”) vendor to restart it.

You may wish to visit your shop at least weekly to check your sales (touch the vendor and use the pop-up menu), or to restart any that have gone offline. It is NOT necessary to (Update) or (Reset) a vendor unless it has gone “Offline.” If a vendor is down for more than 24 hours and cannot be restarted, please IM or notecard Sunny Whitfield.

Sales data stored in the vendors themselves may take a couple of minutes to update after each sale.

You (the affiliate shop owner) will receive 45-50% of each customer sale. You will see up to 3 transactions in your InWorldz transaction history: full price (credit) paid to you by customer, then 1 or 2 smaller payments (debits) paid back to Sunny Whitfield or Dream Walker.

You do not have to place ALL the vendors in your shop; you may wish to only place those appropriate to any “theme” you have going, or to experiment with different vendors to see which items sell best. Customers like choice, but sometimes TOO many choices can be overwhelming!