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Here are some helpful tips for Avatars!

Convert Prim to Mesh:

In newest Singularity viewer v 1.8.3

1.  Make normal prim (or multi-prim linked) object. I’m going to make my Parrot on a stick prims become mesh!

2.  Right click object:  Edit –> More –> More –> Tools –> Save DAE

(save to your computer)

**A tip when you are uploading mesh, be sure to check the generate normals, under the upload options be sure to upload textures, there are 2 place to select on the upload options, click them both. Then click calculate weight & fee, and then you can upload. It will automatically go to your object folder.

Bring it back as a Mesh:

3.  File –> Upload Mesh   (select your saved file, and the desired options in popup window…

Look in Inventory for the object.

Rez it in-world.  It should now be mesh.

Try it and comment about the process and outcome!

Music URL’s (some are outdated)


Bagel Radio: What alternative rock radio should sound like. [SomaFM]:

BAGeL Radio: What alternative rock radio should sound like. [SomaFM]: EBM/Industrial & More:

Magnatune Alternative Rock: Darkwave:

Magnatune Goth:

m t h . A l t e r n a t i v e (Dark Alternative):

Pinguin Radio:


GotRadio – Bit O Blues:

Magnatune Blues:


Family Friendly WBGL:

Magnatune Christian:


Magnatune Bach:

Magnatune Baroque: Beethoven:

Magnatune Best Selling Instrumental:

Magnatune Cello:

Magnatune Chamber Music:

Magnatune Choral: Classical:

Magnatune David Bowles Signature Series:

Magnatune Great Pianists:

Magnatune Hammered Dulcimer:

Magnatune Handel:

Magnatune Harp:

Magnatune Harpsichord:

Magnatune John Buckman Signature Series:

Magnatune Lute:

Magnatune Medieval:

Magnatune Mozart:

Magnatune Opera:

Magnatune Orchestral:

Magnatune Piano:

Magnatune Rameau:

Magnatune Recorder:

Magnatune Renaissance:

Magnatune Schubert:

Magnatune Viola da Gamba:

Radio Riel:

Swiss Internet Radio – swissradio Opera – Shoutcast Streaming Technology by

WKSU Classical Channel:


Boot Liquor [SomaFM]:

Boot Liquor [SomaFM]:

Boot Liquor [SomaFM]:


Beat Blender [SomaFM]:

Beat Blender [SomaFM]:

Beat Blender [SomaFM]:

<– –=”” cliqhop=””> blips’n’bleeps backed w/ beats. [SomaFM]:

<– –=”” cliqhop=””> blips’n’bleeps backed w/ beats. [SomaFM]:

DanceRadio FreestyleFM (Disco, Dance, Trance, 80’s, 90’s, Top40):

[ ] – Long Range, Hard Hitting!:


Dub Step Beyond: Dubstep, Dub and Deep Bass. May damage speakers at high volume. [SomaFM]: ch1: House Stream: ch2: House Stream:

FG Underground (Techno):

Magnatune Electro Pop:

Magnatune Electronica:

Magnatune Hard Electronic:

Magnatune IDM:

Magnatune Psychedelic Trance:

Magnatune Techno:

Magnatune Trip-Hop:

PopTron: Electro-Pop and Indie Dance Rock [SomaFM]:

PopTron: Electro-Pop and Indie Dance Rock [SomaFM]:

PulsRadio – – Dance Trance Techno House HandsUp:

Shouted FM – mth.Electro:

Shouted FM – mth.House:

Shouted FM – mth.House:

The Trip: Tip top tunes. [SomaFM]:

updated November, 2012 


Black Rock FM (Festival) [SomaFM]:


Cover Me: All covers, all the time. [SomaFM]:

Datempo Lounge – SKY.FM – amazing combination of jazz, lounge, bossa, and much more!:

Digitalis. Analog rock, digitally-affected, to calm the agitated heart. [SomaFM]:

Digitalis. Analog rock, digitally-affected, to calm the agitated heart. [SomaFM]:

EYE97 – Commercial Free Non Stop Hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Today:

Hocking Radio The Best Tunes Now!!:

Ill Street Lounge: Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow. [SomaFM]:

Ill Street Lounge: Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow. [SomaFM]:

IndieSpectrum Radio The #1 and only “real” SL radio station with only original music from SL artists


KONA Stream 60s 70s 80s & More:

Magnatune Background Mix:

Magnatune Compilation:

Magnatune Dub:

Magnatune Instrumental:

Magnatune Other:

Magnatune Remixed by Four Stones:

Radio CiBiGiBi (Adult Alternative, Classic Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Progressive, Progressive Metal, Prog Rock):

Radio Paradise – DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world, electronica, & more:

RADIOUP.COM – TIME BLENDER – #1 For The Greatest Hits Of The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s:

SomaFM presents: Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM]:

SomaFM presents: Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM]:

SomaFM presents: Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM]:

SxFM: South by FM – Bands you’ll hear at this year’s festival [SomaFM]:


FREQUENCE3 (Top 40 Dance Pop Rock from France):


Folk Alley (( All Folk. All The Time. )):

Future Folk: Indie Folk, Neobilly, Steampunk, Gaslight and the occasional folk classics. [SomaFM]:

Future Folk: Indie Folk, Neobilly, Steampunk, Gaslight and the occasional folk classics. [SomaFM]:

Magnatune Folk:

Magnatune Folk Rock:

Magnatune Singer Songwriter:


Jazz Classics – SKY.FM – classic Jazz hits from the golden age:

KCSM Jazz 91 * The Bay Area’s Jazz Station * Listener Supported * * S264 *:


Magnatune Funk:

Magnatune Jazz:

Public Domain Jazz – Swiss Internet Radio – Shoutcast Streaming Technology by Global Radio – The World’s First 24/7 Since 2000 – KJAZ.DB:

Sonic Universe [SomaFM]:

Sonic Universe [SomaFM]:

SwissGroove – The world’s #1 for jazz, funk, soul, world, latin, lounge & nu grooves:

The Home of the Big Bands – KCEA-FM:

Uptempo Smooth Jazz – SKY.FM – the world’s smoothest jazz, grooving 24 hours a day:


Salsa – SKY.FM – Best Salsa Collection now on

Magnatune Latin:


Slow Radio (Love Songs & Easy Listening):

OTHER – Comics, Sci-Fi, Steampunk & the world of fandom, round the clock:

Magnatune Cool Guitar:

Magnatune Didgeridoo:

Magnatune Vocal:

Magnatune Woman Singing Electro Pop:

RADIO 700 – Schlager und Oldies – die richtige Mischung:

Secret Agent [SomaFM]:

Secret Agent [SomaFM]:


(^o^) [ Eutopia Hot Hitz ] (^o^):

ShoutedFM – mth.Main:

Top Hits Music – SKY.FM – who cares about the chart order, less rap & more hits!:


((( WEFUNK Radio ))) . raw uncut funk . classic & underground hip-hop . playlist & archive on

1.FM – Jamz:

BlackBeats.FM: – Urban Hip Hop World Coast Radio:



Magnatune Hip Hop:

Magnatune Pop:

Magnatune Progressive Rock:

WHAT?! Radio:


WOTC Radio:


Reggae Radio – 808 Live Reggaecast:


1.FM – Classic Rock Replay:

1.FM – Classic Rock Replay: – The Eagle (Your Home For REAL Classic Rock!:

A Beatles Tribute – SKY.FM – Beatles Hits, Remakes, Tributes!!!:

Aural Moon: Progressive Rock Garden:

ChroniX Metal – Loud & Clear:

Classic Rock – SKY.FM – relive the classic rock sounds of the 70s and 80s:

Magnatune Electro Rock:

Magnatune Grungy Rock:

Magnatune Hard Rock:

Magnatune High Energy Rock and Roll:

Magnatune Indie Rock:

Magnatune Intense Metal:

Magnatune Iconic Rock:

Magnatune Metal:

Magnatune Punk:

Magnatune Rock:

Megarock Radio – The Worldwide Rock Radio Station:


WJOE – Pink Floyd Radio – All Day, All Night, All the Time!:


Magnatune Arabic Influenced:

Magnatune Celtic:

Magnatune Eastern Voices:

Magnatune Indian:

Magnatune Indian Influenced:

Magnatune Sitar:

Magnatune World:

Magnatune World Electronic:

Magnatune World Influenced:

Prolocation: – IranianRadio, Your Radio! – High-Speed:

Suburbs of Goa [SomaFM]:

Suburbs of Goa [SomaFM]:

Suburbs of Goa [SomaFM]:

50’s & 60’s

1.FM – 50s and 60s:

1.FM – 50s and 60s:

70’s & 80’s

Atlantic Sound Factory – ASF Radio:


.977 The 80s Channel – 977MUSIC.COM – A Radical 80s Music Internet Radio Channel:

1.FM – Flashback Alternatives – Your Home For 80s New-Wave & Classic Alternative Music!:

80s, 80s, 80s! – SKY.FM – Hear your classic favorites right here! (

RMNradio….Music Fun and More!:

STAR 107.9 – America’s First 80s Station:

Underground Eighties [SomaFM]:

Underground Eighties [SomaFM]:

WEASEL-1 – Retro Request Line:


Absolute 90s (1.FM TM):

Only90`s — Only hits from the 90`s!:

Holiday Music

1.FM – Always Christmas:

Magnatune Christmas:

Magnatune Holiday: