How to purchase items for your avatar with INSTANT delivery!

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Just about ANY virtual world can use this process. The world has to be hypergrid enabled and you must have the URI login. Try it out!

Click here for a list of active opensim grids with URI logins!

1. Sign up or into Kitely Marketplace (Create an account with your email address, Facebook or Twitter)

2. My Kitely Marketplace > Choose the items, add them to your cart.

3. When you’re ready to complete your purchases it will ask if you want the items to go to you, as a gift or to other grid. Choose other grid. Go to the grid manager. Add the URI login ( You will need to be in the world you are having items delivered to get a code for your delivery.  Send the code to your avatar. Be sure the spelling is correct.  Once you receive the code, add it, this will confirm you are the avatar to deliver to. Then complete your transaction. You’re items will automatically be delivered to your virtual world!

Trouble exporting? Please click here >

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions, please email me at


Reviews are always welcome on items 🙂

Click here to see the video’s about my complete avatars!

Video’s about Complete Avatars!

I’m making a series of video’s show casing my complete avatars. I thought it would be fun to have a video instead of just more pictures. So I hope you like these video’s. Comments are welcomed!! More to come as I make the video’s. I’m trying to make them short and sweet 😀

Here is Anna Avatar

Rebecca Avatar

Sailor Avatar

Gigi Avatar

Joanne Avatar

Simone Avatar

Maleficiant Inspired Avatar

Snooki Inspired Avatar

Selina Avatar

Beach Girl Avatar

Elle Elf Avatar

Kimmy Avatar

NCIS Inspired Abby Avatar

Polly Avatar